Tanzania Vice President Dr Philip Isdor Mpango met with the Deputy Director General of the French Development Organization (AFD), Marie-Hellen Loison for talks over different areas of cooperation between the two parties. Dr Mpango commended AFD for its continued support for Tanzania on executing various projects on water, environmental conservation, tourism, education and energy sector. Ms Hellen told Dr Mpango that AFD has plans to open subsidiary offices in Dodoma in order to be closer to ministries and the affiliated government institutions to complement its activities in Tanzania which was established in Dar es Salaam since 2018.

She also expressed that AFD was looking forward to expanding its scope of cooperation with Tanzania by making new areas of cooperation, saying that they have already disclosed their intention of investing in Zanzibar in areas of environmental conservation, agriculture and gender equality.

Dr Mpango responded by commending AFD for selecting the sectors that have directs impact to the ordinary citizens. He also explained that areas of cooperation that AFD has selected are in line with the government's priorities stipulated in the Third Five Year National Development Plan (FYDPIII) that was launched recently. The Vice President went on to brief the AFD top official on the government's top priorities, such as development of infrastructure, energy and water, which he said would help in building an industrial economy as stipulated in the second five-year national development plan (FYDPII). Dr Mpango assured AFD of Tanzania's commitment to maintain the cooperation on enabling smooth operation of the organization in Tanzania.